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IMPORTANT NOTICE! How to match arrival and departure dates in the online booking calendar

In Isamar and Isaresidence there are many types of accommodation. Each type has its own arrival / departure combination days. The combinations are 2 days in which you can arrive and leave.

Our combinations are:
For Isamar: Saturday + Wednesday, Sunday + Thursday, Friday + Tuesday, Monday + Thursday
For Isaresidence: Saturday + Thursday (Isaresidence).

When you select the arrival and departure dates in the online booking calendar, these combinations are binding. For example: if you choose the date of arrival on Saturday for Isamar, the departure date must be on Saturday or Wednesday. If you choose Sunday, the departure date is Sunday or Thursday.

If you wish to book a specific type of accommodation, you will have to select arrival and departure dates that match the combinations of that house (combinations can be found in each house description).